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The Future Isn’t About Mobile; It’s About Mobility

Mobility is Lean Back – Lean Forward – Lean Free

Mobility is radically different from the stationary “desktop” experience.

Mobility is a “lean back” experience like sitting on a commuter train watching a video.

In other cases it can be “lean forward” — like shopping for a gift while you take your lunch break at the park.

And in many cases, it’s “lean free” when your body is in motion, or you’re standing in line scanning news headlines or photos from friends while you wait for your turn to be called.

The difference between mobility and mobile is like the difference between hardware and software.

Mobile is linked to devices — it is always one thing, wherever it is.

But mobility changes with context: cultures incorporate mobile technologies differently.

For example, in Africa, SMS technology helps farmers pay bills electronically. In America, it helps teenagers keep up with their friends.

Mobile itself is the nuts, bolts, and infrastructure, while mobility
is the context which determines if it all works together or doesn’t.

going mobile is not the same thing as having an app. In fact, avoid the temptation to “app everything.”

A lot of content — whether video or text-based — can easily be optimized for mobile consumption.

don’t put mobile tactics in front of strategy.

In the early days of the web, every site seemed to have an animated GIF or a clunky site-counter.

In the early days of social, companies spent millions on costly Facebook apps with cute gimmicks but no real utility or sharing value.

Today, companies are scrambling to come up with something “mobile” whether or not it makes sense for their long-term business goals, and whether or not users will actually want it.

So what should we do?

Before doubling down on mobile, any business should first ask themselves if they really understand mobility as a behavior and lifestyle, followed by tough questions about the role mobile plays in their business. From there, a strategy for mobile, built on an understanding of mobility, can take root.


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