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Talking to your Data – From Data Management to Visualization

Talking to your Data – From Data Management to Visualization

How big is Big Data?

Data output is rising at an astonishing rate. Over the last few years, data has become the crucial element of organization's growth strategy. Every day we create an enormous amount of data (approx. 2.5 quintillion bytes) which is almost 90% of the data produced since last two years.

The major sources include everything from digital pictures and videos, social media tweets, gathering climate information, purchase transaction records, and phone GPS signals, to name a few.

After harnessing the power of data, many business leaders were able to strengthen their position in the market through greater control, agility and fast innovation.

According to Gartner, the global business intelligence and analytics market is projected to hold a market value of US$ 18.3 Bn in 2017.

It is important to note that data that big simply can't be processed using traditional methods and solutions and hence require some effective and modern approach to pull out all those hidden insights.

In this blog, I will try to grab your attention toward some of the disruptions created by big data paradigm and how Cuelogic can be your best partner in analyzing all those plain numbers through technologies like data integration, data warehousing, data quality, content analytics and data visualization.

So, how do businesses across the globe harness this huge amount of data and use it for the effective decision making. The answer for most is Hadoop. According to PwC, Hadoop is anything but hassle-free, despite the fact that it can be 10 to 100 times less expensive to deploy than traditional data warehousing approaches.

Most of the research organizations have claimed that almost 48% of the companies are using Hadoop for managing data. Moreover, Forrester predicted that the big data solutions market is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 12.8% each year through 2021.

The Big Data Disruption

Emerging sources and increasing volumes have created a major shift in the way data is being handled and processed. Data warehouses and data marts, online analytical processing (OLAP), enterprise information integration, point-to-point integration, online transaction processing (OLTP) are now being replaced with several modern approaches such as virtual data warehouses, streaming, IoT Development Services and data lakes.

These modern approaches have a deep understanding of the data as it is at rest or in motion. Having said this, this would be something which is nearly impossible to achieve given the massive volume of information available today.

Cuelogic's end to end expertise in Big Data Management and Data Visualization

While there are lots of companies in the BI development outsourcing business, the market still faces an acute shortage of BI experts. Thus, considering Cuelogic as your BI development outsourcing partner shall be a wise decision to meet your organization's goals and strategies in a minimum time period and cost with highest efficiency.

Cuelogic has a large number of technology specialists and business leaders with a wide range of experience across different big data management platforms and services. Besides, the company has a wide range of talented software developers and data scientists who are expertise in working across platforms, including mobile, web and desktop across various industrial sectors such as Education, BFSI, Advertising & Marketing, Healthcare, Retail, Ecommerce, among others. These people have a wide range of skill sets in various programming languages including Machine Learning algorithms, SQL, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Listed down are some of the end-to-end expertise of Cuelogic across data management and visualization:

Expertise and experience in integrating Big Data with BI Intelligence (a good command of tools such as Hadoop, Spark, AWS Kinesis, Hive, Pig, Kafka)

Impressive talent pool of data scientists and software developers with years of hands on experience in BI tools and technologies. Some of these tools include MS SQL, Redshift (for data warehousing), for interface and visualization (Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, QlikSense, Excel, Cognos, Microstrategy etc.), for machine learning (Python, R, Hadoop, etc.)

Cuelogic helps customers minimize the complexities associated with big data initiatives, providing a modern, native approach to Hadoop-based data integration and management

Our Big data solution provides a simplified, easy-to-use Eclipse-based interface to perform data integration in Hadoop, including data ingestion, transformation, and data quality - users won't need as much training or Hadoop knowledge to be effective

Eliminates Hadoop coding, enabling a more rapid response to business requirements using less expensive skill sets

Marshals Hadoop resources, such as Sqoop (for data replication, capture, and export) and Flume (for streaming and unstructured data acquisition), and standards, such as Avro, to support any kind of big data integration use case

Working with both on-premises and cloud solutions (Microsoft and AWS) for Business Intelligence

Capable of handling data science projects (which requires machine learning and predictive analytics techniques) of various sizes (from 1 to 40 people)