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Home Automation Development : Defining the Next Steps

As we move towards a more automated future, the state of home assistants is becoming brighter. More companies are creating sophisticated home assistants to bring engaging experiences to customers. They’re perfect for interacting with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and are the right companion for younger ones to learn effectively. Developing home assistants is becoming increasingly …


Code Review Process: Best Practices

Systems that work heavily on coding applications are often overwrought with lines and paragraphs of syntactical and contextual language that can be tough to understand to the average pair of eyes. Even more cumbersome and tiring is the process of debugging and looking for errors in the source code whenever some pesky errors arrive, or …

What’s next in Testing?

What’s next in Testing?

Testing has always been the part of product development. Every single block of code needs to be tested. Initially it was manual testing that mattered so much then came automation testing. So what could be next? We will try and find out. Why did manual testing fail? Firstly speaking about defining manual testing, it is …