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Everything you need to know about Multi-Cloud Architecture

A Brief Overview It is an old adage which quite holds true even today – avoid putting all eggs in one basket. With Cloud computing gaining traction on account of cost efficiencies broadly, and organizations having distinct work silos, for instance, development, testing, production and support, it’s sensible to deploy these in separate cloud infrastructure …


Are You Well-Architected? A look at a robust AWS Architecture

In an age that is exploding with Big Data and IoT innovations, the shift from an ‘on-premise’ environment to a ‘cloud’ environment offers tremendous opportunity for organizations in terms of increased agility, lower total cost of ownership and faster innovation. The organizations that are the most successful in making this major shift are those that …

Data and Cloud Infrastructure

Data & Cloud Infrastructure – Building Blocks for Healthcare Transformation

A data infrastructure refers to a digital-based infrastructure for the promotion and launching of data sharing and consumption. It is a well-designed structure that is necessary for operating and managing other infrastructure. It is also considered as an essential component for the proper functioning of a healthcare organization that provides necessary services and facilities to …


What Are the Advantages of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an advantageous and future-ready tech that can empower enterprises and organizations of every size, across industry verticals, by allowing them to redirect resources towards innovation and development. This is made possible by delegating the infrastructural requirements of storage and hosting to third-party cloud vendors at an affordable subscription model of pricing. If …

SMAC for Digital Business Transformation

SMAC for Digital Business Transformation

In today’s digital world, technologies are growing rhythmically that changing the rules of the businesses. But this is a good sign, business must transform into a digital business. SMAC is a technology which offering unbelievable opportunities to result meaningful business. Business must progress quickly to grasp the changes enabled by SMAC because competitive benefits, profitable …

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing the Cloud Service Provider

“Prevention is better than cure”. I believe this idiom works in the virtual world too. Cloud computing is the current hot-pick this year. With study predictions that currently about 17-20% mid-level to small scale companies have also joined the bandwagon using cloud today is a good picture of the near future. We can expect almost …