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Big Data approaches in Pharmacovigilance

Big Data approaches in Pharmacovigilance: Using Big, Real-World Data to Create Decision-Relevant Evidence

The healthcare industry has experienced a watershed moment in its evolution for treatment, as more and more hospitals look towards big data methods to resolve issues. The principle behind such ideas has been to jump ahead from the uncertainties of relapses in patient health statistics. With the advent of newer and refined collection methods for …

Data Lake & Hadoop_Cover Image

Data Lake & Hadoop : How can they power your Analytics?

How can a combination of Data Lake and Hadoop power Analytics? Powering analytics through a data lake and Hadoop is one of the most effective ways to increase ROI. It’s also an effective way to ensure that the analytics team has all the right information moving forward. There are many challenges that research teams have …

Deciding the need of a Big Data Infrastructure

Deciding the need of a Big Data Infrastructure

Handling huge data sets in applications have many challenges. By now, you probably have heard or mentioned the same statement in every data oriented team discussion. Big Data is no longer a growing trend. Last year it vanished from the list of emerging technologies in Gartner’s chart – it last featured on the chart in 2013, described as “peak of inflated expectations” (See below for the comparison). In fact, Big Data is now time-tested, accepted with a sound, secure, stable architecture. It is synced with information, generating efficient analytics by organizations, ranging from data oriented start-ups to big technology giants around the globe.