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Submitting android app to Amazon Appstore

Developers have been looking forward for an android portal similar to apple store where applications are screened for quality and liability. In order to help out Android users in this direction, Amazon has taken the first step of screening android applications before being marketed. Also with the proven marketing strategies of Amazon developers can be sure that their product is going to reach the masses.

Amazon androidapp

Creating Account and Submitting Apps

1. Click on the below link and register for an Amazon account12_28770_l.png



2. Type in your E-mail address and select “ I am a new customer” and click on “Sign in using secure server” if you do not have amazon account details.

else You can login through your previous Amazon account.


3. Once you submit the information, You will see a welcome screen and click on “Get Started”.

Get Started

4. Fill in your detailed account information

Detailed Account Information

5. Accept License Agreement


6. Pay registration fee as applicable

Registration fees

7. Select type of your apps (free/paid) and finally click “save”


8. Now you have successfully created your developer account. In your home screen click on “Add New App”

Add New App

9. Fill in appropriate details about your app.


10. Fill in the content ratings


11. Upload multimedia for promotional purposes

Upload multimedia

12. Upload your .apk file under “Upload Binary” and click “Submit app”

Upload Binary


More information about submitting your android app to Amazon Appstore