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Sencha Animator Chapter 1: Introduction

The “phobia” to flash is spreading rapidly. In this battle HTML5 comes with CSS3, the new standard for style sheets that will put glamorous touch in this “new horizon”.

Legends have already begun to renovate the strategies as like
Microsoft silverlight BackgroundWorker
class provides an easy way to run time-consuming operations on a background thread.

But there are others who did the awesome job. Adobe & Sencha are working to develop an application which uses very similar concepts to flash to build our animations & apply effects. The basis of all this work is in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.
Adobe edge:
Sencha Animator:

The one we are talking here is Sencha, the specialist for javascript frameworks, which begun experimenting with the advantages of CSS3 (the companion of HTML5) when creating animations that do not need supplements to reproduce, and so born .

Sencha Animator

Sencha Animator
is very flexible, and can be used for variety of purposes, from prototyping simple mobile application to creating interactive animated features for iBooks.

Download Project Files
of Red Riding Hood Animation, more demos are available

Animator supports Windows, OS X, Linux 32-bit, and Linux 64-bit. You should have a fast processor and at least 1.5 GB RAM and 100 MB of storage memory to make best use of Animator.
Download now !

Learn how to use Sencha animator, please go through user guide.

Video tutorial is available on youtube for creating Simple Bouncing ball Animation without use of any image.

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