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Getting started with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails . The very first question comes in mind in what it is?

Ruby - is a dynamic, object oriented programming language. It is a scripting language like php

Ruby on Rails – is a web framework written in Ruby. Ruby on Rails makes it easy to built database-backend web application that uses the language Ruby.

Downloading and installing instant rails

1) Go to and download latest version of Instant Rails( ZIP version) download link

2) Unzip the folder in your favorite location.

3) Go to that folder where you extracted Instant Rails and open InstantRails.exe

4) Then it asks you that the configuration files moved, click OK.See the below image

Ok message

5) Click unblock to run it from firewall if it prompts.

6) Click on Ruby on Rails icon and Rails Applications -> Open Ruby Console Window.


7) Now Ruby console window is opened. Create a new project using commandrails project_name. (ex: rails demo)

New Project

8) With this command a bunch of files are created in project_folder folder. To see the files created goto InstantRails->rails_apps->project_folder.

9) Now to start rails server locate to project folder what we have created now by using cd project_name (ex: cd demo)


10) Now we are in project folder. From here type ruby script/server.

Run Server

11) This command will run WEB Server.

12) Now open browser and try http://localhost:3000. You should see the welcome screen to make sure that everything is perfect.

13) And finally we did- see the below image ..this will be default page

Default Screen

This is installation process for Ruby on rails.. In next post we will see folder structure and how to print “Hello world”.