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Micro Frontends – Revolutionizing Front-end Development with Microservices

Today, it is possible to develop apps with 90% front-end code and it won’t be a stretch to say that a majority of web apps are being built with that approach. This brings us to a much-debated topic in the development world – Micro Frontends. The discussions around whether these are worth the hype and …


Chaos Engineering : Why the World Needs More Resilient System

Introduction In the present world, chaos engineering refers to the distributive form of experimentation across multiple systems to build a specific hierarchy in the system’s efficiencies to be able to withstand any failure. If you have a basic idea about such a system, then it is easy to understand that uncertainties are more likely to …


Outsourcing Software Development for Innovation

With the rapidly changing business scenario and cut-throat competition, innovation has become the only way to survive and make your presence felt in the marketplace. For a business, this could mean constantly toying with new ideas, creating dynamic products, and offering exceptional services. In fact, successful innovation should be an integral part of every business …


Why Software Outsourcing Fails?

Software outsourcing addresses the very common problem of wanting to develop an app but not having the expertise or capital to do and thus having it outsourced to cost-efficient developers overseas. While the idea is a great way to get your app up and running with minimal investment, it’s often easier said than done. People …