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Exercise at Office

Exercise at office?? Confused, no this is not about starting a gym in the office. I know exercise is the only thing which we all wish to do but only in our Dreams. Basically with our daily routine we all are so busy in our office that we do not have time for our own …

A Visit to blind girls’ school

6th Oct, it was a different Saturday for us because unlike any other saturday, we woke up early and decided to visit a “The Poona School & Home For The Blind Girls” situated in Kothrud, Pune. Shipra, our HR executive was preparing for three weeks to give us this wonderful opportunity. She took initiative and …

Traditional Day

Sagar Onkar Gautam Aniket Pranam Pradeep Nilesh Omkar


Cuelogic is announcing a technology competition “Zealous” for all its programmers. Cuelogic programmers are building their own technology ideas using below technology platforms. Zealous is the saga of technology, it is a journey towards achieving the excellent innovation by using technology & logic. This year Cuelogic has started in-house technical saga to fulfill its Cues’ …