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How to make sense of Cybersecurity Frameworks

Every time when we have something precious, it is human nature to preserve it from any external damage or threat. Be it the money, jewelry, or properties we ensure everything is safe and intact by practicing due security measures. As a result, sighting security guards is no big deal, as the world around is full …

Data security for cloud computing

Data Security: An Integral Aspect of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Data Security go Hand in Hand Cloud computing has become a loosely used buzzword in recent years. The term is so commonly used, that even if you are a non-IT person, you are expected to know something about it. As per Gartner’s IT Glossary, it is “a style of computing in which …

Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection Systems

Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection System

The last decade has seen rapid advancements in machine learning techniques enabling automation and predictions in scales never imagined before. This further prompts researchers and engineers to conceive new applications for these beautiful techniques. It wasn’t long before machine learning techniques were used in reinforcing network security systems. The most common risk to a network’s …

Practical approaches to Cloud-Native Security

Practical approaches to Cloud-Native Security

Technology and its very omnipresence have brought around a lot of changes in our lives which makes it exemplary and revolutionary. Even the smallest of things can now be better transpired with the help of technology. Volumes of information flow on the internet every day which makes our modus operandi easier but going there we …

Advanced threat detection methods

Unraveling Detection Methodologies: Indicators vs. Anomalies vs. Behaviors

In the information age we live in, online computing, transacting and storage of all data or information related to any field and work is the expected norm. With all businesses moving to the cloud, security of the data held in terms of authentication and authorization become key. Several companies have lost their credibility overnight due …


Walking the tightrope : Balancing between Consumer Privacy & Utilizing Generated Data

Data Utilization vs Consumer Privacy Walking the tightrope has been challenging for many companies that are using legacy systems. They’re unable to handle consumer privacy issues and control the generated data the right way. They’re also looking towards other companies within the industry to analyze how they are working with data. Companies should be looking …


Healthcare Cybersecurity: The Solution is Security & Operations Center (SOC)

As the security of data becomes one of the most serious issues, a robust Security and Operations (SOC) team could be the solution to cybersecurity in the Healthcare industry. In the last two years, almost 90% of hospitals in the United States have reported a security breach. Cyber attacks cost the United States healthcare system …


AI in Cybersecurity : Pitting Algorithms vs Algorithms

The Cure that is Artificial Intelligence  AI in cybersecurity has been revolutionizing the way we view defending against dark hat hackers and penetrators that have malicious intent. That’s why it’s essential to have a dedicated approach when it comes to  cybersecurity. From a technology standpoint, it’s necessary to have a holistic approach, when companies understand …