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Azure for Enterprise: Migration and Native Development

How has Azure become so popular in the Enterprise Space? Azure Cloud Services has not only started setting new trends in the demanding market of cloud deployments lately but has also found a considerable impetus in its usage for Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) surpassing others. The infrastructure is hosted on the cloud whereas the operating …

Azure Cosmos DB A Guide to Microsoft’s Database Service

Azure Cosmos DB: A Guide to Microsoft’s Database Service

What is Azure Cosmos DB? Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s latest multi-model database which can be distributed globally across any geographic region. Launched in 2017, Azure Cosmos DB is enhanced over and above its predecessor- Azure DocumentDB. Cosmos DB manages to excel and improvise over other players in the market via adherence to Service Level …


What is .Net Core?

With the introduction of full-scale devices, operating over different platforms has always been a challenge to mitigate. The need of providing the same service over multiple platforms with unique user experience is reducing the gap between web and native applications. With the low barrier, often free product use takes over commercial ones as far as …

Application deployment with Microsoft Azure

Application deployment with Microsoft Azure

As a developer, I always thought application deployment was another task that requires a checklist, mostly for configuration. I have worked on development of several web and desktop applications in the past few years. Recently, I had an opportunity to work on “Cloud Environment” with Microsoft Azure. A DevOps team was assigned to setup infrastructure …