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Are You Well-Architected? A look at a robust AWS Architecture

In an age that is exploding with Big Data and IoT innovations, the shift from an ‘on-premise’ environment to a ‘cloud’ environment offers tremendous opportunity for organizations in terms of increased agility, lower total cost of ownership and faster innovation. The organizations that are the most successful in making this major shift are those that …

Amazon Reinvent in 4 mins

Amazon Reinvent in 4 mins : Top 8 things you should know

The highlight of tech events this year was certainly AWS re:Invent. The conference was buzzing and so is the aftermath of it. There were strong reactions in the community about AWS strategy of commercializing over opensource software. In this piece, I will break down all the things you need to know about events that took …

Amazon CloudSearch

A step by step guide to setting up Amazon Cloud Search (With examples)

If you browse through a wide variety of websites, one thing you will find in common just about everywhere is the search option. If you are a music lover browsing through your favorite tracks, a food blogger checking out new food trends from the modern city you are visiting, looking for your favorite artist playing …

How to autoscale instances depending upon Sidekiq queue size

How to autoscale instances depending upon Sidekiq queue size

Introduction In real-world scenarios, the applications grow. They grow in terms of data volume, users and so on. With growing demands we need to scale the resources up and down – if you are on the cloud, using cloud migration services can solve the problem. The resources are like CPU, storage, memory and so on. …