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Build Modern Web Application using PHP & NoSQL

Build Modern Web Application using PHP & NoSQL

How this combination could put you in a win-win situation.


Writing a rich modern web application can be rewarding and fun. The modern development uses technologies and techniques that enables the web developer help you build the desired web application with maximum productivity. Now days, the demand for a modern web application is vigorous and it’s coming from everywhere. They are required to scale up and support thousand to millions of concurrent users with massive datasets. There are certain common characteristics (such as exceptional transaction volumes, expectation of low latency, and access to big data) which perfect the service availability in an unreliable environment.

You find a small set of developers everywhere those are impassionate about PHP and NoSQL. However PHP is a widely popular and perfect web technology to write modern day web application. PHP is heavy load crushed unless you choose NoSQL or Not Only SQL as a backend, the web applications which are disposable, heavy load and often run in paralleled. These applications with relational database or MySql at background operates well until users are very limited, but as and when number of users reaches to a certain number (say in millions) the situation changes and the applications starts crushing under a heavy load which eventually decreases the application’s performance. The solution to deal with this problem is to start using NoSQL that ways there could have a pool of servers which could help data sharing and rendering effectively.


There are several advantages of using PHP & NoSQL for a Modern Web Application development:

-PHP advancement can help you to improve your application as it is more powerful and offers an environment to execute system commands and database integration.

-It enables the program to interact with third party application more effectively with improved performance.

-PHP allows you to create dynamic modern web application faster than its competition.

-It is used many to code modern web applications simply because it can perform all types of logical/mathematical calculations.

-It lets user directly interact with script and can collect user behavior/information.

-PHP and NoSQL both seamlessly work together to deliver a scalable infrastructure needed for your modern web application.

-Since PHP and various open source NoSQL databases helps you to cut on the licensing cost which is indirectly involved with application development.

-You can include an additional set of component within PHP using LAMP just to add a range of functionalities to the application and to help programmer customize the application to fit into the requirements.

-PHP debugging process is also simple and less time consuming which makes application development a lot simpler and straight forward.

-PHP’s modern web applications environment is robust and very secure.


PHP framework is a winner; however using a NoSQL would definitely put you in a win-win situation. Let’s see how it offers real benefits:

-Many large modern web applications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. use NoSQL because of its unique advancements which stores huge volume, a variety of data, velocity of data and the speed at which it can be retrieved, processed and analyzed.

-NoSQL is gaining attention because of its numerous advantages like elastic scaling, big data handling, data management, economics and flexible data models.

-The server provides a powerful and speedy alternative to PHP over other databases server (relational database).

-Complex application that stores session information, different user generated logical data sets (LIKE / DISLIKEs, Comments), audio video, sensor data, telemetric data etc a NoSQL database is recommended.

-To meet competitive pressure, application has to evolve rapidly to maintain/increase developer’s productivity and NoSQL helps you do so through its three high level benefits: robustness, scalability and performance.

-NoSQL database stores a data in a loosely structured format in return it delivers the results in ordering data.

-They are often highly optimized for simple retrieval and appending operations, with the goal of higher performance.

-If your web application has large volume of read-only requests, consider putting the data to be served in NoSQL. Also, it can be distributed and load balanced easily compare to other databases.

-The most important reason, why NoSQL works seamless with PHP because, NoSQL doesn’t require a predefined schema that demands one way to manage data in column and rows.