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Amazon Vs DropBox

Its not always about pricing and technology. There are few cheap solution available in the market at this stage like Google Drive ( which is actually free) but still DropBox is dominating this space. Its about product experience, security, support and service.

DropBox is great app over all the platforms, very easy to use, integrated with various workflow systems like salesforce etc, prompt response from their support staff.

Everyone knows Amazon support and security is not up to the mark. I dont believe it will take dropbox out of this marketspace unless they really do 🙂

Cloud Drive App

Dropbox vs Amazon: Nobody can compete with Jeff Bezos.


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. The one company you absolutey do not want to compete with is Amazon. Jeff Bezos has persuaded Wall Street to give his company a generous valuation that allows him to pursue a low-margin high-growth strategy that gives him the.