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A Visit to blind girls’ school

6th Oct, it was a different Saturday for us because unlike any other saturday, we woke up early and decided to visit a “The Poona School & Home For The Blind Girls” situated in Kothrud, Pune. Shipra, our HR executive was preparing for three weeks to give us this wonderful opportunity. She took initiative and collected 10,000 RS contribution from all of our employees for Donation.

After reaching there we came to know that we can see their entire premises and activities. The Principal herself took us with her to show all departments and sections. She was so excited to tell us how blind girls are doing and what efforts the trust is taking to build great future of these blind girls.


The school we visited has the classes till Grade 5. Its providing completely free education and accommodation to blind girls. It has government grant and all other extra activities are performed by money collected via Donations and sale of a products created by these blind girls.

It was amazing to see how these little girls operates sewing machine, handloom machines, paper quilling.

Sewing Machine

I am thankful to all my Cues who have actively participated in this initiative. We will do such activity in every quarter of the year.