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The Journey to HIMSS 19 : Winners vs Losers

Journey to HIMSS 19

Looking at the build up to HIMSS 19 (Infographic)

There were plenty of promises made, pledges taken and consensus reached in the previous version of HIMSS. We are here to dissect exactly what has happened since then and how the industry has marched forward.

So before you go into HIMSS 19, You NEED to read this.


HIMSS Outcomes


  • Current State - Since this one benefits the entire healthcare spectrum – Care Delivery, Patients etc. FHIR initiatives are on the fast lane.
  • Cuelogic Verdict - WINNER. This is a win-win for everyone. Patients for ease of access, doctors for better delivery and solution providers for more opportunities.
  • What to expect in HIMSS 19 : More innovation and refined standards.


  • Current State - More attacks, More confusion, More compliance. Everyone recognizes it as a problem. Very less solutions. However, the bright side is the industry thinking has moved on from “if” to “when"
  • Cuelogic Verdict - NEUTRAL. Still only a handful of providers fully understand the what and how. Strategies remain blurred. PHI data breaches are the most common and EHR security remains the top concern. 
  • What to expect in HIMSS 19 - Case studies on how to combat and strategize cybersecurity.


  • Current State - Riding on improved infrastructure and integrations, both big and small companies have flocked towards partnerships. Niche startups in care giving have sprung up and partnered with big giants. On the other hand big giants like AWS, Google, Apple, Microsoft have opened up their ecosystems for the healthcare industry
  • Cuelogic Verdict - WINNER. It was a big win for the industry with major players focusing their attention on innovation and standardization for the industry. It has also carved out various niches in the industry. It will only result in better problem solving.
  • What to expect in HIMSS 19 - Specialized startups, The growing importance of Cloud in enabling these partnerships


  • Current State - Still not mainstream. Solution providers are still looking for business models and use cases. The diamond is sparkles. However, no one truly knows the exact value.
  • Cuelogic Verdict - LOSER. The applications are there – security, interoperability, contracts etc. However, still most of it is theory. A single major breakthrough still awaits.
  • What to expect in HIMSS 19 - Startups showcasing use cases and products based on blockchain. Larger players sharing knowledge on their POCs.


  • Current State - The post EHR era is here. The data is there. Providers are experimenting on how to fully utilize to deliver value care and better engage patients. The year has seen many virtual assistants, govt. initiatives, new and improved tools.
  • Cuelogic Verdict - NEUTRAL. A fair distance travelled. A fair more to go. It has certainly started with players like IBM, EPIC etc making huge strides. Voice and bots have seen favorable returns the next few years will see the returns. However, challenges to solve complexity of medical images remain. lack of granularity is a challenge even for unsupervised machine learning.
  • What to expect in HIMSS 19 - More platforms, Talks around Use cases and industry adoption. Also, strategies to make AI mainstream.


  • Current State - The blue eyed boy. Backed by CMS, interoperability has taken huge stride forwards. Be it inclusion in govt. policies or adoption by major providers. Everyone is seeing the benefit of interoperability. Connected devices, speaking the same language has been a boon for doctors, patients and support staff. We’re still scratching the surface though. Looks like a goldmine for the industry.
  • Cuelogic Verdict - WINNER. Everyone has come behind it to make it a success. People who have invested in interoperability, will definitely benefit and be above competition in terms of delivering phenomenal care and developing better relationships with their patients. It will also help to predict future trends.
  • What to expect in HIMSS 19 - Harnessing the true potential of interoperability, benchmarks and winning use cases.



Healthcare IT Solutions will be going a long way to shape up the healthcare industry. No doubt, technology is a driver for new innovations, better business models and most importantly better care delivery. HIMSS is an extremely important platform where all industry leaders converge to deliberate on how to best leverage these solutions. Some win and some don't. Some common drivers suit everyone, whereas there are some niche solutions specific to a few. This year, there will be even more debates, learning and tangible case studies on display.