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6 Development mistakes that can ruin your web application

6 Development mistakes that can ruin your web application


Do you have an amazing idea for the next web application? Are you going to implement it? Then let me tell you I have seen many web apps struggling and fails in web market because of mistakes happened in developing process of an app.

It is the desire for every web app developer to build and provide user with an amazing experience through a well developed interface. However, most of the times, the web app turns out to be frustrating and confusing. Web applications are not just about implementing a good idea but to make it successful in web market, user and business point of view is also important. To develop the perfect app you as an owner or developer have to analyze and avoid mistakes that can destroy your application.

Here are 6 of the mistakes you should ignore when developing your web application:

  1. Monotonous about user experience:

Never create an web application that has messy design. Make sure that your application design is simple and user friendly. A bad interface could result in damaging effect, leaving a negative impact of your app or organization on user. If user is unable to understand the interface they will be bound to delete an app. So, it is necessary that you create an app that can be easily used. Excess use of flash images, videos, graphics and animation sounds interesting and attractive, but it makes an app very heavy and it take too long to load. This will kill the traffic and eventually destroy your app.

  1. Unable to scale:

Scalability is not just about speed. Performance and scalability for a web application differ from and correlate to each other. If the performance of your web app deteriorates rapidly with increasing load of users or volume of transaction prior to reaching the intended load level, then it is not scalable and will eventually under performance.

Scalability is one of those thing app developer take for granted. They are using MVP concept which is great but pushes it too far, and you will have serious problem with your app. Unfortunately selecting a scalable database, web server and separating all application layer on independent scalable servers is not enough there are many details you need to think about. But when your web app grows and you need to use two or more web behind a load balancer.

  1. Wrong Platform selection:

Haven't you considered about which platform will best fit your app idea before starting to develop your app ? If you have done this, consider that you have taken the first step towards destroying your app. When you begin your project always consider platform which is biggest monetization hub.

Platform which is selected should provide the required infrastructure to interface with all type of devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops. Development platform with multi channel development capabilities, security, management and back end integration capabilities make a whole lot of sense.

  1. Avoiding browser compatibility issues:

In a developing process many times developer fails to decide what kind of browsers an web app must support. It is important to conduct a detailed research on what kind of browser are used by the target audience. Developer should always try to build a web app in such a way that is compatible with all browsers and devices.

  1. Too many features into single app:

This is one of the everyday mistakes web app developer make. You as a developer should know that what you want your app to do and how you want it to serve to your users.

At least the very first version of your app should only aim to meet the immediate needs of the user. While developing an app you should strongly concentrate on your target audience.

If you have more ideas of adding functions in your app then you should consider them in next version of your app because this will look like you are regularly updating your app and this will make it more popular to your user and it will save from destroying your web app.

While developing an app user experience has to be of most importance to you and your web app. And your app should have those features which meet users need and work best on the web browser and devices.

  1. Own Security methods in web app:

There are many things to worry about when it comes to security on the web. Some developers make the flawed assumption that a homegrown algorithm or authentication method is actually safer. After all, hackers have never seen it before, so they’ll have more trouble cracking it, which is wrong. Developing your own authentication or login methods is a mistake, because you will make a mistake that hackers will discover instead, rely on existing libraries which have been thoroughly tested. Existing libraries more secure Because they’re constantly tested by the security community. As such, they’re less likely to include major security holes that one person might overlook.

Accessing a database directly with user supplied information, focusing on components, not the overall system, Adding security at the end of development, Letting users create weak passwords, Storing passwords in plain text, Storing data unencrypted in your database, Passing variables through the URL path name, Only performing authorization on the client side. Web app security is a broad topic; these are the security mistakes that web app developers should never make. These are the basic security principles that should never be ignored.