At Cuelogic learning is a culture, we don’t force our engineer to take training instead we encourage them to learn, unlearn and relearn everyday. Our culture creates full-stack engineers, that can contribute above and beyond.


Our Gamification model of learning motivates engineers to challenge their knowledge boundaries and master latest and relevant technologies, so when needed they help our clients change the game to get that much needed competitive edge.

COE-Centre of Excellence

Technology is changing everyday, Cuelogic funds dedicated CEO team that keep track of all technology advancements and integrate those within the organization. To cultivate and cross-pollinate knowledge and knowhow gained from development experiences, we have created a centralized team of brilliant principal engineers.

This COE teams acts as a support ecosystem to the dedicated developers working on respective products as their technology mentor-buddies -partners. So whenever any developer is blocked or needs help, explore technology options, or is simply indisposed, our COE team steps in and works with that team to meet time and quality deadlines. Because of their unique position they can provide a 360-degree perspective on product development.

Their mandate extends to guiding tech-leads, technical debt assessment, process optimization for maximizing velocity & productivity, inculcating good development practices like clean code, lean architecture, etc. and mentoring developers to do hopefully the best work of their lives at Cuelogic.

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