Enabling business to innovate and productize to drive growth leveraging software.

Cuelogic has built many scalable products having high traffic challenges on consumer side and complex workflows on enterprise front covering areas including web, cloud, IoT, mobility, payments, games in domains covering media, advertising, finance, health real-tech, travel amongst others. Giving us the breadth and depth of expertize to solve complex problems with reliable precision.


Cuelogic carries depth and breadth of expertise in building consumer and enterprise internet applications using various cutting-edge technologies across web and connected desktop spectrum.
We utilize stable and cutting edge technologies to build products and applications with minimum technical debt, high usability for maximum life span.
We started Cuelogic on the ‘web’ backbone and our capabilities spans the range from lab to complete solutions. For Fortune 500 and startups, we have transformed ideas into PoCs and soon into large scale, high traffic robustly built scalable solutions. For some of the startups, solutions we built have been absorbed into larger organizations post acquisition. For the larger giants these products have been scaled across geographies with more investment.


We specialize in building mobile first applications as well as enabling high value end-to-end mobility solutions to your existing legacy applications.
We also have broad experience in cross platform mobile technologies as well as responsive design. We have built technology agnostic, location centric, rich personalized mobile experiences to optimize an application’s experience as per the device context to achieve business outcomes effortlessly and give your users an integrated mobile experience.


We have deep expertize in providing highly optimized, scalable and efficient infrastructure solutions as per your business needs. Whether its building SaaS platforms, container and cloud optimized architectures, legacy to cloud migration, cloud application integration, multi-platform/device support or using microservices or SOA for evolving products. We use the appropriate technologies and approaches to ensure high availability, flexibility and security of data within given business constraints.

Our extensive knowledge in architecture, design, deployment, database, big data and security for the cloud can help you maximize value from your public or private cloud infrastructure for high availability, cost efficient scalability, deployment and auto scaling across multiple geographic locations.


Most solutions collected today can be mined for big, large, wide, fast, complex or real time data, depending on the business. However these bring with it common challenges in areas of analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy and security. Addressing these challenges at scale of data, required us to invest in specialized tools, innovative approaches, techniques like machine learning to help our clients use data beyond descriptive to predictive action.


DevOps as a practice transcends continuous integration, continuous development, intelligent monitoring and autoscaling. At Cuelogic this practice is an integral part of our development and we iterate to continually improve to design a better Ops process.
So that you are not limited by systems and infrastructure and get relevant insights in the code to better overall development on an ongoing basis, specially when having teams spread over multiple geographic locations and doing global development.


Many of our client businesses are looking at Data Science to unearth the competitive edge they need to gain or maintain leadership position in their respective areas.
With data becomng the differentiator businesses are looking to leverage this asset (data), whether its in-house, aggregated, unstructured and structured and develop learning algorithms that will help clients make key decisions.
We have varied skillsets in engineering, statistics, analyst and domain experts that will help you uncover right problem statements and answer questions that will bring value that matters to your organization.

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