What we offer?

  • Data Science

    Consultation around your domain, schema, model design and validation

  • Big data engineering &

    Setting up hybrid & cloud native large scale clusters for batch and real time capabilities.

  • Data compliance
    and security

    Data governance strategy and controls implementation

  • Machine learning and
    Deep learning

    Develop, test, deploy and maintain models using latest frameworks for prediction, classification, automation and detection.

  • Data visualization

    For presenting insights as a story with data

Our Experience

  • IoT - Internet Of Things

    Predictive maintenance and observability for consumer product startup

  • Travel

    Hotel room harmonization and personalized recommendation engine

  • Marketing Tech

    Integrating disparate local data for harmonized global report generation from text and images

  • Sales Tech

    Lead identification and opportunity prediction system using web scale data and NLP

Our Approach


  • Business objectives
  • Identify data sources and schema(Real Time Big Data stream, Listeners, In Stream Data processing, Data Destination)
  • Study nature of data & relations
  • Pre-processing & Building ML Models
  • Choose processing style as per latency requirement
  • Design data warehouse component(Per event, Micro Batch, Batch)
  • Identify right set of tools(Cost, Time, Integration)
  • Security & Compliance requirement

Data Processing

  • Develop ETL phase for data sources
  • Prepare dataset for model training evaluation
  • Convert prototype model to production ready
  • Build data warehousing components for transformed data

Data Visualization

Develop applications for end-user
to consume data
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