Build cloud native products with distributed architectures using microservices, containers and serverless to enable evolutionary transformation in lean and agile manner.

Your challenges

  • How and where to start Multi platform support and integrations
  • Support for heterogeneous systems and technologies Best of breed tools selection
  • Investment on 3Ms Talent
  • Time to market

How can we help?

  • We consult on System analysis, tools analysis, feasibility analysis for maximizing cost benefit We build Cloud, Web, Mobile & Hybrid applications
  • We follow Micro-Services & Serverless architectural pattern We help you decide "Build Vs Buy"
  • We optimize for Machine, Manpower & Management We deploy Ops-Enabled full-Stack engineers
  • We have accelerator program for setting up and monitoring your cloud-native application

What you will gain?

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Lower Infrastructure Costs
  • Lower Human Resources Cost
  • Increased Transparency
  • High Availability and Maintainability
  • Pro Active Security Measures


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