Code Base management for Multitenant Application

Single Github Repository vs Multiple Repositories   This article is an outcome of our experience in working with multi-tenant applications for customers. Lately, we have been working on a SaaS based enterprise level application. The biggest challenge we fa... Read more

Python+MongoDB = Rapid & scalable app development

MongoDB from Python: Accessing MongoDB from Python applications is easy and familiar to many Python developers. PyMongo uses the rich dictionary support in Python to create a similar API as MongoDB's native JavaScript query syntax. After all, there some u... Read more

DevOps with Puppet, Chef and Ansible

As DevOps culture is being adopted inside IT industries, so does the interest in automation platform well suited to the speed and agility commonly promoted as DevOps prime benefits and that means a growing need for IT pros not only willing to embrace the min... Read more

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ECMAScript6 the JavaScript with new wings

ECMAScript 6 is the next generation of JavaScript, aka ES6 or Harmony which is a scripting language widely used for client side scripting on the web. With its new promising objects enhancement and features ES6 makes JavaScript better for complex applica... Read more

The New Era of Web Development with JavaScript

It’s not a mystery that technology era is moving faster and the tools & means for building those technologies are constantly evolving. Future is changing faster than we ever imagine, technologies keeps on growing and becoming flexible to different pl... Read more

Why DevOps is essential for every technology company

DevOps is an umbrella concept that smooths out the interaction between development and operations & is one of the fastest rising trends in technology with a tremendous impact on information technology landscape. It acknowledges the interdependence of sof... Read more

PHP leading web development world today, tomorrow & forever

  PHP is one of the programming languages which has emerged as the most powerful web development language in a very short span of a time. And that is why an increased number of frameworks are available in the web market with their own set of tools and ... Read more

Why one should consider Golang for Web Application Development

GO is a modern day fresh programming language, which is targeted towards server side application development. Its excellent tooling, graceful concurrency model and unique approach to object orientation has captivated the attention of web developers from co... Read more

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How to use both Django & NodeJS as backend for your application

Choosing a language for your web/mobile application depends on what you want to achieve from the task. There are many ways and reasons to have your application running on multiple technologies and integrate them. Here I will be talking about two different ... Read more

Top Ruby Reasons why Web Application Development is faster with Ruby on Rail

When it comes to rapid and trouble free web development Ruby on Rails (RoR) is always at the forefront with its extraordinary flexibility and power. It is hot at the moment and absolutely perfect and ideal for web development. As you already know RoR is an ... Read more

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