Application deployment with Microsoft Azure

As a developer, I always thought application deployment was another task that requires a checklist, mostly for configuration. I have worked on development of several web and desktop applications in the past few years. Recently, I had an opportunity to work on ... Read more

Role of Python in Artificial Intelligence

Google’s AI Beating a Go Grandmaster is a way of judging the suddenly rapid progress of artificial intelligence that may show how far these technologies have come—and how far they may go. Artificial intelligence is a futuristic technology that is wo... Read more

Better Data Visualization with Python, D3.js, MapReduce and R

The art and practice of visualizing data is becoming ever more important in bridging the human-computer gap to mediate analytical insight in a meaningful way. - Edd Dumbill, California based technologist, writer and programmer. To make sense of data such ... Read more

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Python in Finance, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

There are many reasons why Python has had such recent success and why it seems it will continue to do so in the future. Among the reasons are its syntax, the ecosystem of scientific and data analytics libraries available to developers using Python, its ease ... Read more

Python+MongoDB = Rapid & scalable app development

MongoDB from Python: Accessing MongoDB from Python applications is easy and familiar to many Python developers. PyMongo uses the rich dictionary support in Python to create a similar API as MongoDB's native JavaScript query syntax. After all, there some u... Read more

Moving Over to Python?

In the fickle world of programming, few languages have stood the test of time, technology and changing quality parameters. Yet Python has endured and evolved as a programming language for over two decades now. It is now popular for general usage and in high-... Read more

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Python Tips & Tricks (Hacks)

Python is one of the most powerful and productive languages used by sites like Youtube & Dropbox. It is used outside of web development too! It's becoming one of the standard languages used in graphics and is heavily used in science and engineering. Th... Read more

A Battle of Trios: Python vs Ruby vs Golang

Every computing language has its history, strong points and a framework around which it works. Each language has its era, a peak period of efficiency, utility and popularity. Among the programming languages that are in prolific use, we talk about three prime... Read more

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Exploring various alternatives for building Real Time Web Application

Real Time refers to a systems response time being the same as the real world system. Real time web app is one of the techno industries favourite buzzwords because real time technologies are making web application faster and in some cases, equivalent from d... Read more

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How to choose a technology for a Web Application

  With internet celebrating its silver anniversary, I must say we have really come a long way in a short span of time.  Many technologies and platforms have evolved. Cherry picking web application, this particular area has seen maximum evolution. ... Read more

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