Publishing your Android app to Play Store

How to Publish app to google play   Have you seen new updates in Google Play Store for uploading your app? Nothing to worry! This blog gives insight on changes in the uploading process and publishing your Android app to the Play Store. I will be driving... Read more

3 ways to help you choose the right IoT Platform for your business.

IoT and IoT platforms have set the world of internet abuzz. However before we dive in deeper, let's understand what is this all about.  The internet has been around us for quite some time now, but it has always been a thing of people i.e it was by people, fo... Read more

How IOT Impacts Product Development

Product development has always been an area of research/innovation for entrepreneurs. Innovators now are using the universal phenomenon of ‘Interconnectedness’ to develop products, which says, a product only becomes meaningful through interaction with, ... Read more

by Rucha Urdhwareshe | 16th December 2015 | 651 Views # #

Protecting Ideas & Hiring Programmers

How do I hire someone to build a web application without letting the person steal my idea? At Cuelogic, the HR department and top management work together and device certain mechanisms to safeguard against any such occurrence. Right from hiring to the e... Read more

DevOps with Puppet, Chef and Ansible

As DevOps culture is being adopted inside IT industries, so does the interest in automation platform well suited to the speed and agility commonly promoted as DevOps prime benefits and that means a growing need for IT pros not only willing to embrace the min... Read more

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Agile Software Development Methodologies

Agile methodology is being adopted as an alternative to traditional way project management, document driven, heavy weight software development process to help business respond to unpredictability and to guide an iterative and people-centric approach to softw... Read more

8 Steps Culture Perfects New Product Development

Product Development Culture. Just gaping at these three words and I bet they mean even more for the business bureaucrats than the traditional one- if you know what I mean! Even big shots have spent a bomb on keeping their strategies under multifold layers.... Read more