Build Modern Web Application using PHP & NoSQL

How this combination could put you in a win-win situation. Writing a rich modern web application can be rewarding and fun. The modern development uses technologies and techniques that enables the web developer help you build the desired web application ... Read more

Advantages of NoSQL in Web Application

  It has been quite a long time the data keepers have been honing up their skills to come up how to deal with the sudden multiplying data. The varied data which is more of the unstructured today has the admins hanging their hats on a single standar... Read more

by Dipak Mawale | 21st July 2014 | 1496 Views # # # #

Best Practices in Big Data Management

Big Data is not a new concept to us like it was a few years back. Today with the palette of business process going all round the world, we can assume that this is throwing a lot of data before us than we could handle. True that we are armored with the mammoth,... Read more

Install MongoDB on Windows

It is vary easy to install mongodb on your windows.  You need  to just follow the given steps bellow and done. Download Mongodb setup zip  from following link: Set up folder structure: 1. Extract downloaded zip file.... Read more

by prasanna alawekar | 22nd January 2014 | 3523 Views # # #