MongoDB 3.2: An Exclusive Preview

This much is confirmed, at the time of writing this article, that MongoDB 3.2 will be out soon. We chatted with official MongoDB website owners and they promptly replied that the 3.2 development version is now out on their site. However, they say, no officia... Read more

by Snehith Kumbla | 8th December 2015 | 1029 Views # #

Python+MongoDB = Rapid & scalable app development

MongoDB from Python: Accessing MongoDB from Python applications is easy and familiar to many Python developers. PyMongo uses the rich dictionary support in Python to create a similar API as MongoDB's native JavaScript query syntax. After all, there some u... Read more

Exploring various alternatives for building Real Time Web Application

Real Time refers to a systems response time being the same as the real world system. Real time web app is one of the techno industries favourite buzzwords because real time technologies are making web application faster and in some cases, equivalent from d... Read more

by Cuelogic | 7th October 2014 | 16388 Views # # # # # # # #

Install MongoDB on Windows

It is vary easy to install mongodb on your windows.  You need  to just follow the given steps bellow and done. Download Mongodb setup zip  from following link: Set up folder structure: 1. Extract downloaded zip file.... Read more

by prasanna alawekar | 22nd January 2014 | 3523 Views # # #