GraphQL : Evolution of Modern Age Database Management System

The word GraphQL keeps popping up a lot around the web. It has been mentioned in many technical events as well, the most recent being the AWS re:Invent 2017, where they announced AppSync, a fully managed GraphQL service. Why is GraphQL suddenly making ri... Read more

Go Programming and Why should you learn Go?

Go or Golang is a open source programming language created at google by Robert Griesemer , Rob Pike and Ken Thompson in 2009. It is compiled and statically typed like ‘C’ with garbage collection. It is used by some of google’s production systems. ... Read more

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A Battle of Trios: Python vs Ruby vs Golang

Every computing language has its history, strong points and a framework around which it works. Each language has its era, a peak period of efficiency, utility and popularity. Among the programming languages that are in prolific use, we talk about three prime... Read more

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Why one should consider Golang for Web Application Development

GO is a modern day fresh programming language, which is targeted towards server side application development. Its excellent tooling, graceful concurrency model and unique approach to object orientation has captivated the attention of web developers from co... Read more

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