Technology Drivers in 2018

The last couple of years have been crazy with the lot of innovation and buzz around Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and BlockChain. BigData has been there for a while, however, access to these technologies was limited... Read more

How to autoscale instances depending upon Sidekiq queue size

Introduction   In real world scenarios, the applications grow. They grow in terms of data volume, users and so on. With growing demands we need to scale the resources up and down. The resources are like CPU, storage, memory and so on. Apart from... Read more

by deepti Kakade | 12th September 2017 | 0 Views # # # # # # #

Increase size of the file system in AWS

Assuming that you are using a linux AMI, you have an easy method for increasing the size of the file system: 1) Stop the instance 2) Detach the root volume 3) Snapshot the volume 4) Create a new volume from the snapshot using the new size 5) Attach the... Read more

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