How to start with Cucumber Automation ?

This blog will help you understand, how we can introduce automation to our daily QA processes for executing repeating test cases with an example. A little insight into Automation with Cucumber : Automation is a widely used term. But knowing its applica... Read more

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Handling Certificate errors on Firefox in Selenium

When we test some sites, we might get SSL Certificate errors and it will be annoying for the Automation testers. They need to manually click on 'Add Exception' which doesn't help when we go for executing Automation regression packs. It is not possible for the ... Read more

Automating web-app testing for beginners

Automating the process of testing is, using a testing tool which will automatically perform tasks for the tester, tester only has to execute a set of tests using the tool and it tests those without the need of manual intervention. For a newbie this won't make ... Read more