Publishing your Android app to Play Store

How to Publish app to google play   Have you seen new updates in Google Play Store for uploading your app? Nothing to worry! This blog gives insight on changes in the uploading process and publishing your Android app to the Play Store. I will be driving... Read more

Machine Learning on iOS and Android

With the growing popularity of machine learning, artificial neural networks and other forms of artificial intelligence, the urge for ML and AI processing in mobile devices is quite fair.   In WWDC 2017 Apple announced CoreML framework which excited many ... Read more

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Mobile Automation Testing using APPIUM tool

As everyone knows the mobile usage is growing drastically. Tons of new mobile applications are coming out daily. While serving the development and testing needs of these companies, we use automation with respect to manual testing. Please find below few po... Read more

Deep Linking in Android

Deep Linking is a methodology for launching a native mobile application via a link. It consists of a unique URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) that links or matches to a specific location within a mobile app. For example Read more

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Robolectric : Unit Test Your Android Application.

“If you don’t care about quality, you can meet any other requirement.” – Gerald M. Weinberg Need Of Android Application Testing : The word “Testing” is a large umbrella, and is usually better understood when you break it down to specific types o... Read more

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Using Cipher to implement Cryptography in Android.

Data encryption is an interesting topic in android application development. We come across scenarios where we need to encrypt the data critical to our application. Whether it be credentials, storage values, or for the sake be an entire text paragraph. This ... Read more

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MiniMap in Unity3D

Basically we all think that we are hard core gamers. We always tries to win the battle at any cost. The RPGs is the most popular category of the games. In this type of games, player is the brave warrior willing to complete his mission. All these types of games... Read more

OpenCV – Contour detection in Android

What is OpenCV ? OpenCV is a C library designed to help with computer vision programs. It provides many inbuilt functions that are mainly aimed at real time image processing. It has several hundreds of image processing and computer vision algorithms, whi... Read more

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Configuring cocos2d-X for android on Mac OS

Setting up Eclipse, NDK and cocos2d-x for your mac. I am considering that you already have  Eclipse-Juno/Kepler with android setup. Download C/C++ development tool from Eclipse. Goto Help->Install New Software Add link Juno - http://download.eclipse.... Read more

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Creating/Reading an Excel file in Android.

Its easy to store records in database via android application. But what's the use of it when we cannot get the records on a sheet of paper. Here's a simple and systematic solution to get your records in an excel sheet in Android. Ex... Read more

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