3 ways to help you choose the right IoT Platform for your business.

IoT and IoT platforms have set the world of internet abuzz. However before we dive in deeper, let's understand what is this all about.  The internet has been around us for quite some time now, but it has always been a thing of people i.e it was by people, fo... Read more

Why to Evolve from Monolithic to Microservices Architecture

“The greatest improvement in the productive power of labour, and the greatest part of the skill, dexterity, and judgment with which it is anywhere directed, or applied seem to have been the effects of the division of labour.” Adam Smith This Scottish mora... Read more

by Rucha Urdhwareshe | 16th February 2016 | 952 Views # # # # #

Angular vs Ember vs React: A Comparison

Apart from the commonality that they are two popular JavaScript frameworks and a library respectively, Angular, Ember and React have a separate history of their own. A web application JavaScript framework that originated in 2009, AngularJS is great for build... Read more

by Snehith Kumbla | 10th November 2015 | 6940 Views # #

Adding real-time notification to Django

High level of user engagement and notification are vital for the long term success of an app so it is important you do everything to encourage engagement and interaction amongst users when it comes to creating app with user to user interaction it is importan... Read more

Integrating Node.js with Ruby on Rails

A runtime environment for networking and server-side purposes, node.js has built a reputation as a multiple platform set up. On the other hand, Ruby on Rails is a robust web application framework, with Ruby as the language. Now that the introductions are d... Read more

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AngularJS Application with Browserify tool

Browserify is a good choice for AngularJs app, it helps you to get remove the async component, which driblet several levels of complexity. Together they can help to build performant, great looking application in no time and with clean code. It allows to... Read more

Python+MongoDB = Rapid & scalable app development

MongoDB from Python: Accessing MongoDB from Python applications is easy and familiar to many Python developers. PyMongo uses the rich dictionary support in Python to create a similar API as MongoDB's native JavaScript query syntax. After all, there some u... Read more

Moving Over to Python?

In the fickle world of programming, few languages have stood the test of time, technology and changing quality parameters. Yet Python has endured and evolved as a programming language for over two decades now. It is now popular for general usage and in high-... Read more

by Snehith Kumbla | 30th June 2015 | 2190 Views # # # #

How to get user Latitude, Longitude & current address using HTML5

Geolocation is the creativity of reckoning out where you are in the world & sharing information, for that HTML5 helps in identifying the user’s location, which can be used to provide location specific information or route navigation details to the us... Read more

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Course Creation on Open edX: A Mini Guide

For starters, Open edX is one of the forerunners of MOOC (massive open online course) and a great platform for online learning at the university level. Declared open source in 2013, EdX is a great platform in case of a sizable student audience, read betwee... Read more

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