Tips for Optimizing Web Application Performance

Web applications have taken over a new face with the growing interactivity of man and machine via internet. The 2.0 rules the domain completely which does not let you have delay even of few milliseconds which could affect the entire success story of the compan... Read more

How to build a secure cloud based Web Application

The curtain riser of cloud based application came with a prologue of caveats. Based on the research conducted by CSA APAC, the CSA Cloud Vulnerabilities Working Group in 2013, the number of cloud vulnerability incidents more than doubled over a four year perio... Read more

Proven Product Development Strategies

  All build products. What is new in this? I am sure we all have come across this situation either through our customers, prospects or even self-thought. Product development is a systematic and sketched process. Today all use almost similar basic s... Read more

Role of Big Data in Internet of Things

Just imagine all the devices surrounding actually start talking with each other! You are updated and informed about the smallest things like your dairy supplies have been exhausted. This will make life so very seamless and easy right? This make believe ... Read more

by Dipak Mawale | 19th February 2014 | 1072 Views # # # #

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing the Cloud Service Provider

“Prevention is better than cure”. I believe this idiom works in the virtual world too. Cloud computing is the current hot-pick this year. With study predictions that currently about 17-20% mid-level to small scale companies have also joined the bandwagon u... Read more

Install Ruby on mac OS using RVM

RVM lets you deploy each project with its own completely self-contained and dedicated environment–from the specific version of ruby, all the way down to the precise set of required gems to run your application. Having a precise set of gems also avoids the i... Read more

by sagar tambe | 24th June 2013 | 1227 Views

SVN: Version Controlling System

In this post, I provide details about how I personally handle SVN trunk, branches and tags on Mac using command terminal. It will give beginners some explanations on what trunk, branches and tags are, and how to handle them. SVN (Subversion) is a version ma... Read more

by akshay aher | 7th May 2013 | 6155 Views # # # #

Node.js chapter 1: Installation on linux server

Node.js is a server-side software system designed for writing scalable Internet applications. Programs are written on the server side in JavaScript. Node.js creates a web server by itself, making it unnecessary to use web server software such as Apache or Li... Read more

by sagar tambe | 29th April 2013 | 1494 Views

Increase size of the file system in AWS

Assuming that you are using a linux AMI, you have an easy method for increasing the size of the file system: 1) Stop the instance 2) Detach the root volume 3) Snapshot the volume 4) Create a new volume from the snapshot using the new size 5) Attach the... Read more

by onkar tibe | 8th April 2013 | 5347 Views # # #

Amazon Vs DropBox

Its not always about pricing and technology. There are few cheap solution available in the market at this stage like Google Drive ( which is actually free) but still DropBox is dominating this space. Its about product experience, security, support and service.... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 5th April 2013 | 1604 Views