Technology Drivers in 2018

The last couple of years have been crazy with the lot of innovation and buzz around Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and BlockChain. BigData has been there for a while, however, access to these technologies was limited... Read more

How to build future ready Cloud Native application

                          Being a solution architect and CTO for many years I am not at all biased however I must say arguably, it was by far the best A... Read more

How to install Node.js on your Mac

I prefer NVM (Node Version Manager). Its easy way to install and manage multiple versions of Node on your system. 1. Download and install NVM curl | sh source ~/.nvm/ 2. Install Node specific ... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 22nd January 2014 | 1464 Views #

Web Applications developed by Cuelogic

Shareist: Content Marketing Platform. A place to capture anything. Plan, set due dates, schedule posts. Collaborate with your team and clients. Publish to Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger & more. Schedule tweets, Facebook posts, Linkedin updates. via: www.sha... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 16th April 2013 | 2551 Views

Amazon Vs DropBox

Its not always about pricing and technology. There are few cheap solution available in the market at this stage like Google Drive ( which is actually free) but still DropBox is dominating this space. Its about product experience, security, support and service.... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 5th April 2013 | 1604 Views

How To Build Instant Trust On Your Website

Author of this post: Francisco Rosales Trusting an Internet site to navigate the World Wide Web, in short, is like following a helpful stranger in Morocco who offers to take you to the best rug store. The Role of Instant Trust When people feel ins... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 8th March 2013 | 1068 Views

Pigs and Chickens

"Pigs and chickens" is an analogy used in the Scrum software development model to define the type of role an attendee can play at a daily scrum meeting. If the scrum attendee is a pig, it means he is directly accountable for completion of the task at ha... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 1st March 2013 | 1045 Views

A Visit to blind girls’ school

6th Oct, it was a different Saturday for us because unlike any other saturday, we woke up early and decided to visit a "The Poona School & Home For The Blind Girls" situated in Kothrud, Pune. Shipra, our HR executive was preparing for three weeks to give us ... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 30th November 2012 | 1864 Views

Mobile Applications – Developed by Cuelogic

Access GE+ - Android Apps on Google Play The Access GE+ app is like having a team of world-class business experts on your mobile device, ready to provide you with relevant insights and solutions to... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 12th November 2012 | 1704 Views

Traditional Day

Sagar Onkar Gautam Aniket Pranam Pradeep Nilesh Omkar ... Read more

by Vikrant Labde | 12th November 2012 | 2309 Views