Blockchain Data Management

In my last blog, I have briefed on basics of Blockchain. In this blog, I will try to cover details on how actual data gets stored/managed on chain of blocks. As you all know Blockchains are of distributed architectures, which follows peer-to-peer network an... Read more

Basics of Blockchain

“What is blockchain?” this was my first introduction to the word “blockchain”. I have heard a lot about this term in recent years but didn’t got any opportunity to dig deep into it. Few days back, a friend introduced the same term again to me “b... Read more

by Prashant Gurav | 22nd September 2017 | 0 Views

Code Base management for Multitenant Application

Single Github Repository vs Multiple Repositories   This article is an outcome of our experience in working with multi-tenant applications for customers. Lately, we have been working on a SaaS based enterprise level application. The biggest challenge we fa... Read more

How to Install Rails on Windows

Here are some simple and basic steps to install RoR on Windows.   Step 1: Ruby Installation 1) Download the rubyinstaller to install the  version of ruby The latest version of ruby is 2.0 but it has issues ... Read more

by Prashant Gurav | 22nd January 2014 | 1453 Views # # # #

How to install new relic on linux server

Following are the steps to install new relic on Ubuntu/linux server.. 1) Go to the putty and fire following command, this is for adding a public key. wget -O - | sudo apt-key add - 2) Create new re... Read more

by Prashant Gurav | 22nd August 2013 | 1921 Views

How to add positions in Joomla template

In joomla template all positions where one can insert a module is depends on template which you are using. You can add custom positions in that any template I'll try to explain you how to insert custom position in Joomla template Add custom posit... Read more

by Prashant Gurav | 18th April 2013 | 1248 Views

Joomla: Creating hello world module in Joomla

What is module: A module is a lightweight and flexible extension that is used for page rendering. They are used for small bits of the page that are generally less complex and are able to be seen across different components. There are lots of inbuild mod... Read more

by Prashant Gurav | 4th April 2013 | 1266 Views

Websocket Handshaking

1) Websocket: Websocket is nothing but technology which provides full duplex connection between client and server. Mainly it’s designed to implement in web browsers and web servers but it can be used in any sever-client application. So using this, We ... Read more

by Prashant Gurav | 28th March 2013 | 5521 Views