Advantages of NoSQL in Web Application

  It has been quite a long time the data keepers have been honing up their skills to come up how to deal with the sudden multiplying data. The varied data which is more of the unstructured today has the admins hanging their hats on a single standar... Read more

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Best Practices in Big Data Management

Big Data is not a new concept to us like it was a few years back. Today with the palette of business process going all round the world, we can assume that this is throwing a lot of data before us than we could handle. True that we are armored with the mammoth,... Read more

Tips for Optimizing Web Application Performance

Web applications have taken over a new face with the growing interactivity of man and machine via internet. The 2.0 rules the domain completely which does not let you have delay even of few milliseconds which could affect the entire success story of the compan... Read more

How to choose a technology for a Web Application

  With internet celebrating its silver anniversary, I must say we have really come a long way in a short span of time.  Many technologies and platforms have evolved. Cherry picking web application, this particular area has seen maximum evolution. ... Read more

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What’s next in Testing?

Testing has always been the part of product development. Every single block of code needs to be tested. Initially it was manual testing that mattered so much then came automation testing. So what could be next? We will try and find out. Why did manual t... Read more

How to build a secure cloud based Web Application

The curtain riser of cloud based application came with a prologue of caveats. Based on the research conducted by CSA APAC, the CSA Cloud Vulnerabilities Working Group in 2013, the number of cloud vulnerability incidents more than doubled over a four year perio... Read more

How to build scalable search engine systems

Building a search system?  So how do you go about it? Rather how would you wish it to perform? Would it be good to have better response time or should you try for getting in more relevant results per query? Lots of questions right. Few we ignore some left... Read more

Proven Product Development Strategies

  All build products. What is new in this? I am sure we all have come across this situation either through our customers, prospects or even self-thought. Product development is a systematic and sketched process. Today all use almost similar basic s... Read more

Code to love it – Ways to make programming a better experience

I would like to dedicate this post to all my buddies who by their mystic punching of codes go about to create virtual world. Too much of a drama? Ahh! actually this topic seeded within me watching my colleagues working for so long hours trying to meet deadl... Read more

8 Steps Culture Perfects New Product Development

Product Development Culture. Just gaping at these three words and I bet they mean even more for the business bureaucrats than the traditional one- if you know what I mean! Even big shots have spent a bomb on keeping their strategies under multifold layers.... Read more